J. S. Bach - Allemande, from Suite BWV 996.


Live recording at FOX Studio, Venice

A. Zambon - Anamnesis, for voice and ensemble (2013)

Live recording at B. Marcello Concert Hall, Venice

F. Romitelli - Trash TV Trance (2002)


Live recording at FOX Studio, Venice

Cathy Milliken (b.1956) - Wie fliehen? - Volaverunt (2004). 
From Caprichos n.61 "Volaverunt" by Francisco Goya. Written for Jürgen Ruck.

Recorded by Adriano Barioli & Piero Bolzan (AUDIOGRUPPO) in Belluno, Italy (2015).

Karlheinz Essl - Sequitur VIII (2008), for electric guitar and Max/Msp.


Live recording in Spazio Aereo, Venice, 26.11.2015.

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