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Winner of the prestigious Kranichsteiner Musikpreis for interpretation at the Ferienkurse für die Neue Musik in Darmstadt, Carlo Siega is a guitarist, multimedia artist and researcher.


He has performed all over Europe at national and international festivals such as the Teatro 'La Fenice' Season (Venice), Divertimento Ensemble - Rondò (Milan), the Teatro 'Mario Del Monaco' (Treviso) and TransArt Festival (Bolzano), Area Sismica and Crisalide Festival (Forlì), MA/IN Intermedia Festival (Matera/Potenza), NU Festival, Festival Teatro Aperto di Reggio Emilia, and Festival Traiettorie, Festival ElettroAQustica, Nuova Consonanza in Italy, at SMOG, Nuits de Beau Tas, Ear to the Ground Festival and Kunstenfestival des Arts in Belgium, at Izlog Festival in Croatia, Impuls Academy Festival, Neue Oper Wien, Wiener Konzerthaus in Austria, Time for Music Festival in Finland, Internationales Digitalkunst Festival in Stuttgart and Ferienkurse für die Neue Musik in Darmstadt, Warsaw Autumn in Poland, Festival Ensems, Mixtur Festival, VANG Festival, SIRGA Festival and Universidad de Léon in Spain, SoundSpaces Festival in Sweden, NUMU Festival (Switzerland), King's Place in London (U.K.).


Siega collaborates with performers and composers to create new works, curate acoustic spatialisation dramaturgy, and create multimedia compositions. His artistic partners include composers such as Giorgio Colombo Taccani, Chaya Czernowin (Israel/USA), Klaus Lang (Austria), Simon Løffler (Denmark), Julien Malaussena (France), Giovanni Mancuso, Luca Mosca, Pauline Oliveros (USA), Stefan Prins (Belgium), Rebecca Saunders (U.K./Germany), Alexander Schubert (Germany), Simon Steen-Andersen (Denmark), Frédéric Verriéres (France) and many others.


His current projects rethink the role of the performer as composing-performer through new audio-video and multimedia technologies, redefining the concept of rewriting and performance through an increased use of the instrument and audio-video multimedia technologies (sensors, sound-reactive video electronics, spatialisation and A.I.).


He has held seminars and masterclasses dedicated to new music, electric guitar, multimedia and the practices of re-interpreting the historical 20th century in a multimedia key at European institutions such as MUSAC and the University of Léon, the Conservatorio Superior 'Bonifacio Gil' in Badajoz, the Music Conservatory of Vigo (Spain), and 'B. Marcello' Music Conservatory of Venice (Italy). In 2021 he was appointed lecturer in Electric Guitar for Contemporary Music at the 'R. Franci' Music Conservatory in Siena, while in 2023 full Professor in Performance and Interpretation of Electroacoustic Music at the 'G. Cantelli' Music Conservatory, Novara.


Siega has been the recipient of awards, including the 'S. Vinti' Scholarship, Research-led Performance promoted by the 'G. Cini' Foundation and the Orpheus Instituut in Ghent, Can Serrat Artistic Support, and the Movin'up Artistic Support promoted by the Italian Ministry of Culture and the Gai Association in Turin (2017, 2024). Between 2017 and 2018, he was resident artist at the Music Center Bjiloke and Voruuit Theatre in Ghent (Belgium) for the development of multidisciplinary (music, dance, performance) and multimedia projects such as Body ex-tensions and Extended Resonances. In 2021, he received full support from the PSMSAD Fund of the INPS for the realisation of the IEG Project (EMA Vinci), while his aud,io-visual work from the Surfaces & Textures cycle received First Prize at the 'National Arts Award' in 2023.


His multimedia and installation works have been performed and exhibited in Italy (Festival Teatri del Suono 'Na Pragu' in Trieste, Conservatorio 'F. Morlacchi' in Perugia, Venice International Art Fair 2023), Austria (Echoraum, Vienna), Estonia (Commute Festival, Tallin), Germany (Internationales Digitalkunstfestival in Stuttgart), Spain (MUSAC in Léon, Santiago de Compostela).


As a researcher and academic, he has lectured at PARL_Next Generation (Linz), Chigiana Conference 2020, XXIX Convegno Nazionale della Società Italiana di Musicologia, Method/Art Conference and Convergence Seminars (Royal Conservatory of Antwerp), IRCAM Forum & Workshops (Paris), '21st Century Guitar Conference' (Lisbon), International Conference on New Music Concepts 2021 (Treviso), Orpheus Instituut (Gent), EPARM (Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen), and the University of Gothenburg (Sweden).


After graduating in guitar, he continued his studies in guitar at the Conservatorio 'B. Marcello' in Venice (Master), the IrMus of the Scuola Civica di Musica 'C. Abbado" in Milan, in Belgium at the KASK & Conservatorium in Gent - M.A. of Arts in Contemporary Music (Tom Pauwels from Ictus Ensemble and Jerry Galle multimedia), Electronic Music and Multimedia Composition at the Conservatory of Music "G. Tartini" in Trieste, perfecting his studies in the field of multimedia with the likes of Stanislav Glazov and Vadim Epstein (ML/AI).

Carlo also graduated with honours in Philosophy from the Ca' Foscari University in Venice.


Currently, he is Professor of Multimedia at “Agostino Steffani” Conservatory of Music, Castelfranco Veneto (IT) and at “S. Giacomantonio” Music Conservatory, Cosenza (IT).

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