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The Project

ItalianElectricGuitar Project arises from my desire to renew and promote the solo repertoire for electric guitar, able to offer a current – although personal – overview of today's production of this instrument by Italian composers. More and more today, compositional identities of a national character are merging with different aesthetics, becoming – thus – both individual and personal and belonging to heterogeneous, multifaceted and – inevitably – international thoughts. This is precisely the case with this project, which aims to give voice to these individualities through a container and filter of ideas in continuous research. Even though IEG Project presents compositions by Italian composers, the English title addresses an international poetic gaze, since the authors proposed in this work make the keys to the expression of their own aesthetics and creative figures multiculturalism and polyvalence of thought. These are mobile, transversal, intersecting multiple genres and eras. However, all these features find a common territory in this recording project. In this selection of works, some compositions move from imaginaries to acoustic reminiscences closer to the nonacademic tradition, as blues and rock music. Others turn to imaginaries far removed from the more idiomatic references belonging to the instrument. Indeed, IEG Project is constituted as a project in the making. Its constant work-in-progress and continuous transformation now involves both composers already established on the European and international scene and young authors. A further ambition that this proposal wishes to propose is the desire to outline a path of divergence, with the hope of tracing new references in a repertoire that is still too much relegated to a few compositions, although today become emblematic. For these reasons IEG Project aims to create an 'open yard' capable of gathering and conveying today's musical wills and thoughts, filtering multifaceted experiences and creativity thinking, also through the commissioning of new works.

Composers involved

[NI]Svanito Costrutto

[Ni] Svanito costrutto tells of a voice. It investigates extended lyrical paths in continuous conflict between the ethereal and the profound. A song born from silence evolves, expands, and explodes; it is a song that mutates and narrates itself through an itinerary that attempts to delineate a subtle path. It is precisely the borderline territories – between the construction of a plot and its fading towards a new resumption – that cadence the route of [Ni] Svanito costrutto. Here, the lyrical patterns are generated through multiple uses and changes in the e-bow and bottleneck techniques. Through natural instrument resonances and percussive interventions on the body, even the 'first song' monody expands to harmonics polyphonies. These resonant acoustic fields whisper and shout, extend and twist. Then they vanish.

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